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The Games of E3: Sea of Thieves

With E3 just around the corner, there are a ton of awesome games for us all to get excited about. There are sure to be new titles announced at this year’s show, but we will also learn new information about several titles that have already been announced. Over the next two weeks we will be exploring what games we can look forward to seeing more of, and what we can expect to learn from these upcoming titles.

Games of E3 - Article Banner - Game Info

Title: Sea of Thieves

Publisher: Microsoft

Developer: Rare

Anticipated release window: Winter 2016 was first suggested, but we’ll be surprised if this ambitious title hits that window. Q1 or Q2 2017 seems more realistic.

Games of E3 - Article Banner - Last Seen

Microsoft’s E3 Press Conference last year, after a brief introduction from Craig Duncan, the Studio Director at Rare, the gameplay trailer was debuted.

Games of E3 - Article Banner - What It Is

Hopefully Rare getting back to their creative best. We really haven’t seen much of this game yet. In fact, all that has been shown is the 2-minute long gameplay trailer. What we know for certain about the game is that it’s built around online multiplayer and it involves pirates. The first thing you notice when seeing the gameplay trailer is that the world is quintessentially Rare. The footage opened up with the first-person view of an island, and this island is the same stylised kind of paradise that we saw in Viva Piñata, with plants and fauna all around. Unlike Rare’s garden simulator though, on this island there are skeletons and cave drawings that indicate some sort of sea monster or kraken. The footage then went on to show what appeared to be several online players sailing together on a ship, each doing different jobs (helmsman, lookout, riggers, etc.). The ship then went on to battle against another ship that appeared to be controlled by other online players. As to what the story or plot of the game will be, other than it being a bit pirate-y, we haven’t been given any hints or clues. When introducing the game, Craig Gordon described how players could have ‘unique and memorable adventures together’ in a ‘shared world adventure game’, and went on to say that ‘this game will bring players together and give them the freedom to play with limitless possibilities’. Whether this means that there won’t be a traditional-style narrative, we don’t know, but if there are ‘unique and memorable adventures’ there have to at least be some traditional scripted moments.

Games of E3 - Article Banner - Why It Excites

Because hopefully it will be ‘Rare getting back to their creative best’. When Microsoft bought Rare from Nintendo, the studio was on a streak that most game developers can only dream of, but they have yet to hit those heights since. With Rare finally creating a game that excites them, rather than the Kinect games they have been forced to make, we fully expect them to create something truly special. What’s more, ever since Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag we’ve been looking forward to another pirate game.

Games of E3 - Article Banner - What to Expect

At the very least we expect to see new gameplay footage and more details of the game particularly whether it’s an MMO or just a standard multiplayer-type game. There’s also a strong possibility that not only will a release date be confirmed but also an open beta will be confirmed for the game.

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