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E3 2016: Minecraft Update – Realms, Cross Play, and Mods

Today during Microsoft’s E3 Press Conference several big updates for Minecraft were discussed.

First up was the inclusion of Cross Platform Play. With the Addition of Realms, available today, you can now visit Realms of your friends between both Xbox, Windows 10, and Mobile. Players can now set up a Realm which their friends can visit whether they are online player or not. Friends who are visiting your Realm will be able to build and construct just like normal.

Also announced where “Add-Ons” which were basically Mods. The Add-Ons will allow you to change life in the game to something else. In the stage demo, the Zombies were changed to Aliens who were more powerful and the villagers were changed to be heroic and help defend the player.


That was all that was shown, but the presenter did say that this was the first step in a, “Fully Modable Future.”

Are you guys excited about the new updates coming to Minecraft? Let us know in the comments.

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