E3: Ori and the Will of the Wisps Announced

Developers of the 2015 smash Ori and the Blind Forest Moon Studios have returned with the highly anticipated sequel: Ori and the Will of the Wisps. The full-length trailer featured a setting that looks as beautiful (and spooky) as ever. The power of relationships appears to be the theme again, as an earlier teaser featured Ori comforting a young owlet in the shadow of a statue. Players will join Ori on an adventure with all-new combat and customization options while exploring a vast, exotic world. Some of these new features include new, challenging escape sequences, puzzles, and side quests to uncover more of Ori’s world and destiny. Ori was shown riding the owl featured, so perhaps one of these escape sequences will be aerial.

Some of the combat and skill customizations are new weaponry, spells, and skill upgrades through a compelling “shard system.” While there was no sign of a return from Sein, but there will be additional support characters that will provide services throughout the game. The trailer also showcased some larger, more challenging enemies. Some of the new boss battles include what appeared to be a fire-spewing monster, a massive wolf, a kraken, and a griffin. Ori will be featured on Game Pass at the launch February 11, 2020, which is perhaps later than anticipated. However, if the trailer is to be believed, this game will be well worth the wait.

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