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[email protected] Game Pass showcase – Our must play titles coming to Game Pass!

On June 27, Microsoft held a livestream looking at all things Xbox Game Pass. The second of its kind, dubbed the [email protected] Game Pass Showcase, let us know what games are coming to the service. The stream brought along some heavy hitters in the indie space. We’re going to break down the announcements and look at the best upcoming indies for Xbox Game Pass.

The Best coming to Xbox and PC:

My Time at Portia

My Time at Portia is a farming life simulator not too dissimilar to titles like Animal Crossing and Stardew Valley. The town of Portia is set post-apocalypse, but the game’s colourful style and charming art will have you believe otherwise. From there, it’s down to you to rebuild from your workshop and get to know these charming characters. Having only released around six months ago for PC, this is a huge splash for Xbox Game Pass. The game has had a good reception from fans post-launch. We recommend it for those waiting for more Animal Crossing goodness, or for players looking to dabble in the genre.

The Banner Saga 3

This tactical RPG is the third instalment set in a Viking themed world. The striking visual design of the trilogy is something I personally love, and is backed by strategic turn-based combat mechanics. Most of the cutscene and voiceover work is also top notch, elevating the lore and storyline even further. The previous two titles in the trilogy are also available on Xbox Game Pass right now, for players wanting to experience the series. We’re coming up on the one year anniversary of The Banner Saga 3’s release, so this is a great time to experience this much-loved series.

Yoku’s Island Express

Yoku bounced his way onto consoles and PC last year and surprised a lot of people, including us. This was a unique spin on a platformer, by mixing Metroidvania gameplay with pinball. Not a pairing we ever thought we’d see, but one that strangely works. The “express” comes from the fact that you play as a beetle delivering…mail. This weird and wonderful mash-up of ideas is set to a beautiful tropical backdrop. If you’re fan of Metroidvanias or just fancy delivering mail on a lush island this is a game certainly worth exploring. Xbox Game Pass delivers again…

The Best coming exclusively to PC Game Pass:


Machinarium is almost ten years old at this point, yet it is absolutely still worth a play. This point-and-click adventure still strikes me every time I see it. The somewhat filthy-steampunk aesthetic holds up to this day, and it has a wonderful soundtrack to match. The game also provides a nice balance on the challenge front, where puzzles feel rewarding but not frustrating. We may never see a sequel to this indie hit, but if you have PC Game Pass, give it a go. This is a throwback to the point-and-click adventures of old, now go save your trapped robot girlfriend!


This minimalist RPG is almost five years old, and has been released on just about every platform going (aside from Xbox, sadly). Wherever it has landed though, it’s received extremely positive reviews. It’s witty, charming and unique, and is a self-proclaimed “friendly RPG” where nobody has to die. Undertale features a bunch of different storylines and endings based on player actions. True Pacifist and Genocide are considered the “proper” endings by killing either nobody or everyone possible. However, nuanced differences also occur if you decide to mix up your play-style. Expect laughs, thrills and plenty of fourth-wall breaking in this hilarious RPG by Toby Fox.

Alongside these favourites, a selection of other titles were announced to be hitting both Xbox and PC Game Pass. No time frame was given for all of these games, but they are due in the library very soon. Here are the rest, along with a breakdown of which games are coming to which service.

The rest for Xbox and PC:

  • Bad North
  • Gonner
  • Worms W.M.D

The rest of the PC Game Pass exclusives:

  • Timespinner
  • Unavowed
  • For the King

So there we have it, another great selection of games coming to both Game Pass services. We hope you try out our recommendations from this bumper indie addition. Which games would you like to hit Game Pass in the future?

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