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It looks like Project Scarlett games are now playable

In an interesting livestream tidbit, Phil Spencer, head of Xbox, confirmed that he’s been playing Project Scarlett games this week. No specifics on his play session were revealed, but it happened during a Destiny 2 stream. The Verge’s Tom Warren picked up on the quote and posted it out to twitter.

All details so far on Microsoft’s next console have been vague. The system was announced at E3 2019, and is confirmed to launch late next year. It is interesting to note that this was Spencer’s first hands on with any Project Scarlett game. Whilst it seems a way off, the team will have plenty of work to do between now and release.

Whether Microsoft can keep their “most powerful console” mantra remains to be seen. What’s been said about both Scarlett and the PS5 is sounding very similar. A focus on load times and framerates could be key next generation, with dedicated ray tracing potentially becoming the icing on the cake. Either way, we’re certainly looking forward to finding out more about the next generation.

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