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ATLAS launches in Xbox game preview


ATLAS, the pirate adventure from the creators of Ark: Survival Evolved has launched in Xbox game preview. The game has been available on Steam early access for nearly a year. This is the first release on console, due to Xbox’s game preview feature.

The community response to both versions has been mixed, so we can see why the game is still in preview. Server problems have been an issue in early access, which is an ongoing problem with ATLAS. The game also shares a fair few similarities with Ark: Survival Evolved, and we recommend trying to the free trial of ATLAS before purchase.


Of course, Ark is now available in Game Pass too, so that’s an option for those wanting a deeper dive into this style of game. Although Ark never fulfilled its true potential, a lot of these launch issues were solved over time for that title. Hopefully ATLAS can follow a similar path.

There are quite a few similarities with ATLAS and Microsoft’s Sea of Thieves. Besides the obvious pirate theme, they both also feature a persistent online world to explore, merchants to work for and intense ship battles. The vastly different art styles do set the titles apart though.

ATLAS is available now in game preview. But please, try the free trial first.

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