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Free update out now for Monster Hunter World: Iceborne

Monster Hunter World continues to bring free content to players, alongside its huge paid expansion; Iceborne. This time around the content is for owners of said DLC, but it’s nice to see it get built upon. The new update focuses on end game content for the expansion.

The fearsome Rajang monster is bringing a new fight to players who are looking for a real challenge. The monster sounds tough to beat, but Capcom are trying to make it worth your while. If you defeat it, you will get some rare, high level equipment. This includes the golden and black palette armour; useful for improving offensive skills.


There’s also a new area coming for players who complete the main story in Iceborne. The Guilding Lands is a new end game locale featuring several biomes. New challenges and rewards are scattered around this area, so it seems worth exploring. Materials found here can also present new customization options, if you’re looking to show off about getting through the main story.

This update looks to keep people playing Monster Hunter World, following its recent sales milestone. We’re sure if Iceborne continues to do well, we’ll see more large expansions come to the world of Monster Hunter in the future.


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