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5 Ways Microsoft Can Have A Successful E3

E3 is an exciting time for the gaming industry. Companies get to unveil their latest creations while fans become excited about the games they will be able to play in the near future. E3 can be unpredictable at times as well.  There have been moments of greatness as well as controversial moments.  Microsoft hasn’t always had the best track record at E3, but last year was a pleasant surprise.  With the event taking place over the next few days, let’s look at a few reasons to be excited for Microsoft’s E3 conference.

1. Utilize Rare and Unused IPs:

Microsoft has plenty of IPs, but many of them haven’t been seen in years.  It is great to see new games in the Halo franchise, Forza franchise and having a new Crackdown game in development is a treat, but there is a need for something different. When Microsoft bought Rare, it acquired excellent IPs.  If Microsoft wants to shake things up during this E3, using some of Rare’s IPs is a good way to go.  Looking through Rare’s catalog of games, there are a variety of genres that can bring diversity into Microsoft’s line-up.  Rare had hits in multiple genres including Platformers, Third-Person Shooters, Beat Em Ups and Action-Adventure games.  Microsoft could easily tap in to each of these genres for success. Having Conker, Banjo-Kazooie, Kameo, Battletoads or Jet Force Gemini in the rotation could prove well for them.  While Kinect Sports is a fun title, Rare could be used for so much more.  It is time to let them shine!


2: Games, Games and more Games!

Microsoft’s biggest problems in the past usually consisted of it focusing on the entertainment aspect of the company rather than the gaming portion.  While having entertainment options are wonderful at times, there are better places to reveal them.  When people go to E3 or watch the conferences from their computers, they expect to see games. Most of their conference the year that the Xbox One was revealed consisted of Microsoft talking about an “All In One” console.  Microsoft hyped up their entertainment line and the exclusive shows coming to the Xbox One.  The company focused on it being the central point of the living room.  It seemed as if they lost focus on what they should have been talking about. Last year Microsoft went in swinging and talked for 90 minutes all about games.  This year, Phil Spencer has stated multiple times that Xbox will have a great show at E3.  First party games will have a huge presence and even a new IP will make an appearance.

3: Exclusives Can Save The Day:

Exclusives are usually met with mixed reactions, but that’s honestly how Microsoft can truly succeed.  Microsoft really needs to give people a reason to want to play their games on the Xbox One.  With exclusives, Microsoft can offer gamers that experience.  While I’m not a huge fan of “exclusive content” on an individual console, exclusive games have often been deciding factors when it came to what console I spent my money on.  There are still a lot of people that have not upgraded to the current generation of consoles.  Microsoft can use their E3 conference to persuade gamers to pick up an Xbox One because of exclusive games that will come out in the future.


Rise of the Tomb Raider can be a huge title for Microsoft

4: Halo, Forza Motorsport and Tomb Raider: The Triple Threat!

This holiday season, Microsoft is going for the win by releasing 3 highly anticipated games. The Halo franchise has always been a staple of the Xbox platform and Halo 5 is no exception.  343 Industries has a lot to prove with Halo 5 and so far it looks like they are up for the challenge.  From the intriguing campaign premise to the changes in the way co-op works, Halo 5 is looking like a fresh installment in the series. Since the Xbox One launched, the Forza series has had a notable presence.  Microsoft is hoping to have another success with Forza Motorsport 6.  The series has a huge fan-base and hopefully the sequel will continue to move the franchise forward.  Rise of the Tomb Raider can actually be the company’s biggest title of the year.  When the Tomb Raider reboot was released in 2013 it received critical acclaim as well as love from many fans of the series.  Last year at Gamescom, Microsoft surprised many when it was announced that the sequel, Rise of the Tomb Raider would be an Xbox exclusive.  Even though it is a timed exclusive; you can be sure that Microsoft will make its presence known at E3 this year.  This series is such a well known franchise that people may be inclined to buy a console just to play this game.  All a console needs is that one game that is a “must have” and that can be Rise of the Tomb Raider depending on how Microsoft presents that game.



5: The Presentation Itself: Be Fun and Unpredictable: 

Throughout this article, I spoke about what Microsoft needs to do in order to have a successful E3.  This last point is about HOW Microsoft can have a great E3.  It’s all about flow and the element of surprise.  I still remember the year that Microsoft announced the new model of the Xbox 360.  Everybody sitting in on their conference were able to get one as they walked out and stores had them on shelves that week.  It was a sudden surprise that left people talking and consumers happy.  Microsoft will have to show something to wow the audience and have them talking for days.  Even though Microsoft has already announced the 1TB Xbox One (which I think they should’ve announced during E3), I still believe they have some tricks up their sleeves to make the audience happy.  Microsoft needs to keep the audience engaged.  Focusing too much on one particular subject can get boring even when it deals with something awesome.  I love Halo, but if Microsoft spent 30 minutes of their 90 minute conference talking about Halo 5, I would find that tedious. Microsoft needs to be short, sweet and to the point.  They need to give us just enough info on each game they show/announce to leave us wanting more.

Microsoft has a lot of pressure on delivering their E3 conference.  Microsoft is kicking the day off tomorrow and it also have big job in hyping up the crowd.  If anybody is capable of achieving this goal, it’s definitely Phil Spencer.

Stay tuned to Xbox Enthusiast for your latest Xbox news and E3 coverage.

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