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8 of the biggest games still to come in 2019

As the next generation is upon us, you might of expected a quiet year in games. 2019 has proved that theory wrong, with a very busy year so far. However, there is plenty still to come by 2020 and here are the biggest releases still to come this year.

Ghost Recon Breakpoint – October 4

Following 2017’s huge shake-up for the series in Wildlands, the Ghost’s are back and this time on the Island of Auroa. Although the narrative for Wildlands wasn’t spectacular, its huge open-world was the focus and you can expect similar results with Breakpoint. Co-op, open-world action is the order of the day and Breakpoint looks to up the ante with an even larger world filled with more activities. Auroa lays down a darker tone than the world of Wildlands, and it’ll be interesting to see how Ubisoft leverage that for the story. If Breakpoint can be a more interesting and varied version of Wildlands, then count us in.


GRID – October 11

Although the last entry in the series is now over five years old, GRID never feels like it really went away. Even so, Codemasters have called GRID 2019 a reboot, and are treating it as such. It looks much more like the first game in the series, and we hope it’ll be as fun. GRID is all about tight, arcade racing with a bunch of cars on track at one time. A unique-sounding feature for the reboot is a nemesis system, which allows specific AI drivers to adapt to your moves. If you’re being overly aggressive to a driver in the corners, they’ll take note and give you some back. This could drastically change the way the game plays, and we’re eager to line up on the GRID this October.

PvZ: Battle for Neighborville – October 18

If you’ve not heard much about the new Plant Vs. Zombies game then don’t worry, we’re here to give you the lowdown. EA has adopted a strange approach to this one, with a stealth announcement and not much talk since. The game is currently in early access before its October launch, with players testing a bunch of new features. It serves as a successor to 2016’s Garden Warfare 2, which we happened to love. The combination of its animated art-style and third-person shooting is refreshing for the genre, and unique character classes make the series a blast. Battle for Neighborville may not carry the Garden Warfare name, but it certainly retains its spirit.

Modern Warfare – October 25

Our time with the beta revealed a very different year for Call of Duty. This entry may be a reboot of Modern Warfare, but it’s drastically different than previous entries. A more grounded approach to modern combat has been applied, and the results make this year feel different. A broader selection of modes and play-styles along with a strong focus on single player will please those who’ve grown tired of the formula. It’s a shame that console exclusivity is still a thing, but we’re hopeful that it won’t detract too much from the online experience. Failing that, we’re hugely excited to see where the campaign will lead us. What the hell kind of name is Soap, eh?

The Outer Worlds – October 25

It may not be another Fallout entry, but Obsidian is back with a new RPG. Some of that trademark “jank” from New Vegas remains, this time set in a brand new world(s). As with any Obsidian title, the focus will be put firmly on dialogue and choices, with a branching storyline driving the campaign. You’re sure to meet some shady characters along the way, and your choices will directly affect their role in the story. The freedom Obsidian grants the player is something their biggest fans love, and we hope they back that up with a compelling world. This one launches straight into Game Pass, so of course we’re going to give it a try!

Need for Speed Heat – November 8

Need for Speed has been on shaky ground for some time, but Heat certainly looks the part. Its neon-soaked streets evoke Vice City vibes, and we’re all for that. The game goes back to a street-racing focus like the 2015 entry but promises more options this time around. A unique approach to day and night cycles is the backbone of Heat, with different events being available depending on the time of day. This is the series 25th anniversary, and we’re hoping for some throwbacks to the glory days of Need for Speed too. Hopefully Heat can be the beginning of a new era for the series, bringing back the customization and street racing focus fans know and love.

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order – November 15

Respawn Entertainment is beginning to spread their wings under EA. After the smash hit of Apex Legends, they’re now working on a new Medal of Honor game, and of course Star Wars. Fallen Order is a no-nonsense, single player experience, not exactly synonymous with EA. Having said that, we’re certainly happy to see it. Gameplay demos so far remind us of the infamously cancelled Star Wars 1313, with a grounded aesthetic and tight, third-person action. Respawn’s Titanfall 2 campaign was brilliant, and if they can marry that with the Star Wars universe, we’re in for a treat when this one launches in November.

Doom Eternal – November 22

Doom 2016 absolutely blew us away when it launched. The game was a masterful recreation of what Doom is; marrying smooth traversal with sublime shooting mechanics. Eternal looks to move that needle even further forward. There has been a huge focus from id Software on elevating the traversal mechanics, and they now look like a huge part of the experience. If they can nail the feeling of advanced movement, we certainly have no doubt in their ability to create the compelling shooting mechanics to match. Doom Eternal will be full to the brim of testing encounters, and we can’t wait to die over and over again on that one boss fight…


So there you have it, next-gen might be right around the corner, but 2019 still has a lot in store. We had a stacked start to the year and the end is certain to follow. There’s going to be a ton to play over the next few months, so get ready to brush aside that backlog for a fresh set of video games.

Which of these are you most excited to try?

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