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8 Reasons The Outer Worlds will be Better than Fallout

Revealed at the Game Awards in 2018, The Outer Worlds is one of the more intriguing video game releases this year. The developer Obsidian are well known for their work on Fallout: New Vegas. That game is loved by fans of the RPG genre, but a direct sequel never happened. Microsoft acquiring the team in 2018 means it likely never will. Obsidian’s newest game, The Outer Worlds is a game stylized on being “Fallout in space” and has had many fans chomping at the chance to play this game. Here are eight reasons The Outer Worlds is going to be better than Fallout.


The Outer Worlds has a galactic sized update on Xbox One

Beating Bethesda to Space


Bethesda’s space RPG Starfield has been talked about for a long time. It was confirmed at E3 2018 but we still have no idea when the game will release. The idea of Fallout in space has been one of the more requested game ideas in the last decade. With Outer Worlds, Obsidian is beating Bethesda to the punch. Space leaves a lot of room for Obsidian to incorporate mechanics and content that normally would not work on Earth or in a typical Fallout game. Given Obsidian’s success in the past, they should make good use of the creative freedom they have in the setting.

More Personality


This isn’t to say that Fallout is lacking in personality (besides 76) but instead is an observation about how much is bursting from Outer Worlds. Every character shown so far feels lively. They are not stiff, cardboard cutouts of the usual character archetypes. Companions are fleshed out and have their own interesting backstory that will unfold on your journey. You can be walking around in the world, and an ally will see an NPC they know and began talking about their pasts. They had lives outside of joining your party.  Outer Worlds is going for a unique style, ripe with humor and personality that Fallout has no chance of accomplishing in its dreary post-apocalyptic wasteland.

(Hopefully) Fewer Bugs

new vegas glitch

It is no secret that Bethesda games are usually ridden with bugs and glitches. Every Bethesda Fallout game is filled with them. While it is impossible to know before the game comes out, Outer Worlds is likely to perform better than the usual Fallout game. Getting away from using the Bethesda engine hopefully will provide a more stable game with no head-turning glitches. Every game has at least some glitches, but the more Outer Worlds can avoid, the better received the game will look in the future.

The Fallout Game you want right now

fallout 76

Remember Fallout 76? No one wants to, but Bethesda is committed to not delivering the Fallout experience fans of the series want right now. Outer Worlds can fill that void in 2019. Fans do not want a multiplayer Fallout or another remaster of a game from the last generation. They want something new that they can sink their teeth into. Something with substance (unlike 76) that feels up to today’s standards (unlike New Vegas). Outer Worlds is going to thrive in areas where Obsidian can show they have mastered areas lacking in New Vegas and bring their new ideas to the table.

Creators of Fallout plus Obsidian


Everyone knows Obsidian from their work on games like New Vegas, South Park: The Stick of Truth, and Knights of the Old Rebublic II. They have a proven track record. They are going into The Outer Worlds with some classic Fallout help as well. Tim Cain and Leonard Boyarsky, two of the original creators of the Fallout franchise before Bethesda took over with Fallout 3, are a part of the Obsidian team and are directing the game together. Both parties love the Fallout series and will look to add something to the absent space of quality RPGs in 2019.

A Beautiful Art Direction

outer worlds environment

The art direction taken in The Outer Worlds beats anything any Fallout game has produced so far. Fallout games have a great design for their beasts, but the post-nuclear world is always muddy and ugly. The graphics are not the reason you play a Fallout game, but Outer Worlds has brought in a much better-looking game. The worlds are colorful, and the characters don’t look like basic human designs to fill space. Also, looking into the sky and seeing other planets is beautiful. A graphical fight between New Vegas and Outer Worlds is unfair, but the 2019 game beats Fallout 4 and Fallout 76 in almost every way graphically.

Better Gunplay


Anyone who has ever played the Fallout series can tell you that the gunplay is one of the weakest parts of the experience. Where the Fallout games excel in building an interesting world, they fail at making the guns feel good to use. Early impressions from The Outer Worlds are saying the weapons feel brilliant. If you are stuck on Fallout’s “VATS” system, there is a similar mechanic here called Tactical Time Dilation (TTD), but between your shooting abilities, the many different weapons, and the help of your companions, you should not need to rely on it. Outer Worlds puts more control in your hands by having a system that is easier to handle.

A More Believable Futuristic World

future city

Outer Worlds is set in a more believable future as opposed to Fallout. What I mean by that is Fallout’s society is stuck in the 1960s even though in its timeline the nukes fell in 2077. The society acts and feels out of place, regardless of the robots and technology inhabiting the world. Outer Worlds’ setting does not feel at odds with itself. It has a believable idea of what it is going for, and by incorporating a humorous, playful style to the game has made a futuristic sci-fi RPG that feels more fluid and believable than Fallout.

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