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Alcatraz coming to Prison Architect next year

An expansion trailer has been released for Prison Architect, which goes over what will be coming to the game next year. In 2020, an expansion that centres around Alcatraz Island will release. Of course, the island is famous for its prior use in housing a federal prison.

The trailer goes into little detail aside from the setting, but it is cool to see the famous location crop up here. We’ve seen it in countless games and movies over the years, but this one is rather fitting. It could be pretty difficult to escape though…

Alongside this upcoming paid expansion is a free update for Xbox users. The Shovel update for Prison Architect introduces some more customisation options for prisons. This includes art deco walls, visitation booths and more. This update is live, and contains over 30 new customisation objects.

Prison Architect

This all coincides nicely with this weekend’s Free Play Days offer. On Xbox One, Prison Architect is currently free to play for the weekend. It’s also on sale during this time, where players can get 50% off if they wish to cary on playing beyond the trial.

No specific release date has been given for the upcoming expansion on Xbox. It will release sometime in 2020 though, and the trailer is available below.

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