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All the news you might have missed from X019

X019 has been a pretty big deal for us Xbox fans. After last year’s tepid event in Mexico City, Microsoft has come out swinging this year. EVERWILD, Rare’s new IP and Grounded from Obsidian Entertainment might take the headlines, but a lot other bits and pieces were also announced. Here, we’re going to go over what you might have missed from Thursday’s Inside Xbox livestream.

Tell Me Why

Tell Me Why, a new narrative adventure from the Life is Strange team was announced at X019. Dontnod has teamed up with Microsoft to create an exclusive title in that same vein. This time around, all episodes will release at once, in the summer of 2020. As with Dontnod’s previous efforts, Tell Me Why will focus heavily on story, featuring similar themes to Life is Strange. Expect a heartfelt story and strong character relationships to take over next summer.

A big PC shooter is heading to Xbox

CrossfireX is a massive free-to-play shooter, which is particularly popular in Asian markets. At X019, the console version got a new trailer, and it’s heading to Xbox first next year. This FPS encompasses just about every mode in the genre, and X will include traditional game types and a huge battle royale experience. It’s also got the clout of Remedy Entertainment behind it, who know a thing or two about environmental storytelling and fantastic gunplay. We’re real excited for this one.

Do you even drift?

Speaking of huge in Asia, KartRider: Drift is also making its way to Xbox next year. Another fee-to-play offering, KartRider: Drift is probably the most popular kart racer outside of Nintendo’s famed Mario Kart series. This one focuses a little more on pure speed and of course high-level drifting, than Mario‘s more family-friendly outing. You’ll have to be a little more cautious with KartRider: Drift, but that isn’t to say the game doesn’t look fun. We’re hoping it’ll thrill us as much as Mario Kart has for the Nintendo community when it launches next year.

A new age

X019 provided us with a first look at gameplay for the upcoming Age of Empires IV. On the eve of the second game’s remaster, it was awesome to finally see what the future of the franchise holds. It’s been almost 15 years since Age of Empires 3, and the upcoming sequel looks to stick to what made the series popular to begin with. A familiar time-period it may be, but a fresh coat of paint is making Age of Empires IV look tantalising indeed. Now where did I put that Artillery canon…


Pixellated Dungeons

Minecraft seems to be that game that will stick around forever, and it still has a huge userbase. However, Mojang are finally branching out with a bit of a different release. Minecraft Dungeons is like Diablo-craft, and the spin-off finally has a release window. Due to launch in April 2020, this co-op, dungeon crawling version of Minecraft is almost here. It looks to offer new gameplay opportunities for Minecraft fans, including more ranged combat and unique power up opportunities. Well, they couldn’t really do Minecraft 2 could they?

Out at sea

Aside from announcing a brand new IP with EVERWILD, Rare is still plugging away at Sea of Thieves. The massive multiplayer pirate adventure has evolved a lot since launch, and another major update is coming. The Seabound Soul update comes on November 20 and will have a renewed focus on the lore of Sea of Thieves. You’ll join Captain Pendragon to uncover the mystery of the Ashen Dragon, a sinister pirate ship. This upcoming update also brings fire to the world of Sea of Thieves, and we’ll definitely be testing that out to see just what we can torch. In a co-operative manner, of course…

xCloud is on the horizon

After a month in the wilds of the preview program, Xbox has announced its plans for the streaming service in 2020. Project xCloud will launch in new markets next year, including Canada, India, Japan and Western Europe. Not only that, but the plan seems to be to move it out of preview next year too. Over 50 titles have now been added to the preview version of xCloud, for current testers to try before a more global launch. With Google Stadia’s launch lineup looking like slim pickings, Project xCloud is in a good position, and we’re eager to see what it’s like out in the wild.

That’s the lowdown on what you might have missed from yesterday’s huge X019 presentation. Of course, check out our other stories on the biggest announcements, including EVERWILD, Grounded and Wasteland 3. Be sure to check back next week for hands-on previews from some of the playable titles on offer at X019.

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