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Another Sight review for Xbox One

Another Sight begins with a strange, surprise event. Playable character Kit, is exploring an old tunnel network when the whole thing collapses on her. As she recovers, Kit realises she has lost her sight and must find help to escape. Assistance comes in the form of a mysterious cat named Hodge, which you also control. This dual-protagonist setup allows Hodge to lead the way for the visually impaired Kit. A neat addition, but aside from this spin on the formula, Another Sight is a fairly bog standard 2.5D puzzle platformer.

Different strokes…

The two characters also bring with them distinctly different visual styles, and it’s not just their character models. Kit’s world plays out almost like a watercolour painting, with a very stylised look. It brings out a different element of each environment, with the Parisian Dream level looking particularly great. This contrasts to the realistic style Hodge brings, as he sees things as clear as day. The two filters on the weird and wonderful world of Another Sight make the game’s visuals stand out. Much like another puzzle series, Trine, Another Sight’s art direction is one of its strongest assets.

Another Sight Parisian Dream

Fumbling in the dark

Luckily, the game’s style is backed up with some good puzzle sections. Nothing is particularly original, aside from the novelty of needing to use both characters to figure sections out. However, the game does a good job with difficulty as well as pacing, and the puzzles rarely halt progress. There were a few times where the visuals from Kit’s perspective did get in the way of finding things, though. Occasionally, spamming the action button to pull a possible hidden lever actually paid off, allowing me to progress with Kit. A free form camera with the ability to zoom in and out would have helped alleviate these visibility issues.

When it comes to platforming, the game doesn’t do quite as good a job. Kit moves slowly due to her condition and is not focused on movement, but still manages to trip up at times. Dodgy collision detection between her and the environment caused a few restarts, but overall Kit plays well enough. In contrast, Hodge feels liberating with his speed and platforming ability. It became tempting to run forward as Hodge to scope out the levels before progressing as Kit; a valid tactic. However, more collision issues cropped up when playing as Hodge, meaning both characters felt somewhat clunky. I once progressed too far and gained access to a latter level area which should have been closed off. Overall, the platforming is subpar in Another Sight but thankfully the game has a much stronger focus on puzzles and of course, story.

Going underground

As you drop into the underground world, the intrigue about what lies beneath slowly builds. Amongst the unique and varied locales, a place called “the node” is often brought up by many of the characters. This mysterious end goal drives the story, and along the way, you meet a selection of well-known characters. This underworld seems to house quite the talented inventor, as Another Sight introduces Claude Monet, Nikola Tesla and Thomas Edison to name a few famous faces. A lot of the levels tie into what these people were famous for and is a big reason for the game’s varied visual design. Although the game’s story isn’t all that cohesive, it does a good job of driving the player forward whilst creating a unique atmosphere.

Another Sight Cutscene

The music design and voice acting also go a long way to add atmosphere. Quiet areas of play are often greeted with sombre sections of beautiful piano playing and the voice acting is a real highlight. Kit’s quiet and lonely monologues about her journey so far make you feel connected to her situation. Sporadic cutscenes also feature great voicing from the surrounding cast, which adds another level of polish to Another Sight. In-game sound effects work well to create a sense of place, especially the whirring machinery in the sewers and labs as you work through the clever puzzle sections. All in all, the audio design in Another Sight is a treat for the ears.


Another Sight doesn’t really bring anything new to the table, but it is an enjoyable puzzle platformer. The charming pair of characters makes exploring the world a delight, and the audiovisual design adds a thick level of atmosphere. The clunky platforming does take some of the sheen off the experience, but a strong focus on puzzles helps. I recommend Another Sight for puzzle fans looking for a new world to explore, or for those with a keen interest on becoming a cat for a few hours…

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