Allen H. Mowers
Allen works professionally in photography, cinematography, and marketing. As a lifelong camera junkie, he channels his creative and technical energy into the craft of photography, both in digital and analog processes.He also loves playing games of all sorts, shapes, and play styles. Most days when he's not doing photo related things he can be found playing D&DDiablo IIIBattlefield 1, or something retro. He also is a co-host and producer on the Min/Max Podcast.

What is going on with Anthem?

Anthem, Bioware‘s latest multiplayer game entry has been on the market since  February 22nd and has met with mixed reviews even one by XboxEnthuriast‘s own Steve Clist. ...

Game Pass Ultimate: worth the hype?

After a week and a half worth of speculation surrounding Walking Cat‘s tweet, on April 16th, Microsoft officially announced their plans for Game Pass Ultimate through their official blog. It appears that the rumors ...

R.B.I. Baseball 19 review for Xbox One

Baseball games and I share a long history. My older brother is one of the biggest baseball nerds I’ve ever met. Some of my favorite early gaming memories consist of riding in the back of our Dodge Ram van playing Ken ...

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