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Brand New Open-World Vision For Ubisoft’s Ghost Recon Wildlands

The Ghost Recon team are infiltrating their way back onto our consoles after Ubisoft revealed an exciting and informative trailer during their E3 press conference.

Ghost Recon Wildlands sees the ever-dedicated elite squad of soldiers tasked with infiltrating and decapitating the head off the drugs cartel in Bolivia. The South-American country has become one of the forerunners in drug smuggling and the US has erred caution rather than a full-frontal attack. Therefore, it is the Recon team who will have to strategically coordinate their way to the root of the problem, which involves not just the highly dangerous cartel, but an even more sinister corrupt government.

The most exciting evolution in the Tom Clancy series is undoubtedly the nature of the world. In previous iterations, Ghost Recon has purposefully taken a somewhat linear approach, whereas Wildlands will play out as an open-world third-person title. This lends credibility to the trailer which shows several highly engaging and explosive set pieces which are likely accentuated by the option to play out a scenario in myriad of ways. One scene shows your character hiding behind a broken, derelict brick wall peppered by bullets. He decides to send out a drone which surveys the environment above unaware enemies’ heads. This drone can go wherever he needs to go to seek out options for its owner and the open-world feel of being able to move off to different parts of the map in order to facilitate better opportunities to strike at your enemies is what fans will be most excited about.

Also shown is the propensity for using vehicles to your advantage. Ubisoft’s trailer reveals a host of ways to get around the map including helicopters, dune-buggy, boats and dirt bike possibilities. Understandably, movement is a critical part of Wildlands and Ghost Recon games in general, hence why having a number of on-and-off road vehicles to back up your team when engaging with an enemy who may try and flee the scene is of paramount importance. Similarly, the use of parachutes to provide a more pertinent strategic position is a welcome relief as well as providing a thrilling eagle-eye view across what appears to be a stunning world.

Perhaps even more intriguingly, the entire game will act as a reflective mirror to the player’s actions. Nouredine Abboud, Senior Producer, Ubisoft says that, “whether going it alone or teaming up with friends in co-op, players in Ghost Recon Wildlands will never encounter the same situation twice, providing endless possibilities and creative freedom to cultivate very personal stories and experiences with the game.”

All this added up must surely equate to Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands being one of the most anticipated future releases on the Xbox One.


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