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CoD: Modern Warfare beta announced and multiplayer gameplay revealed!

MW reveal featured

Modern Warfare is back! Following last month’s Gunfight reveal, Infinity Ward is here to show us more of what’s to come for Call of Duty multiplayer. July’s infleuncer-led reveal focused on one competitive mode within Modern Warfare. Today, the full multiplayer was revealed, including traditional maps and modes. An open beta is also coming in September, for Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

MW beta dates

All shapes and sizes

The Metallica-driven trailer showed off day and night maps in a bunch of locations. We also saw the updated weapon mechanics in action, along with player equipment and killstreaks. The new map intros were also on show, where players drop into the map in a unique fashion rather than magically appearing. The player-counts vary in Modern Warfare, with 2v2 Gunfight sitting right alongside Ground War, which now supports over 100 players.

Modern Warfare tank

The Gunsmith

The livestream then swapped over to a discussion panel with various Infinity Ward developers. The team showed off the gunsmith; a new in-depth way of customising weapons within Modern Warfare. Primary weapons now feature up to 60 attachments for players to configure, with pistols coming in at a slightly more modest 30. Attachments also unlock at a faster rate than previous titles, therefore the development team decided to make classes changeable mid-game.

Mini-map no more

Alongside the livestream reveal, gameplay videos have also been released by multiple outlets and influencers. These let us experience the game in its raw form, and the new 3D audio format really sticks out. Bullet ballistics and enemy movements have a much more realistic sound within Modern Warfare, bringing the series back to its roots. Players will also have to pay more attention to these audio queues, as the mini-map will no longer be a standard feature within Modern Warfare.

Modern Warfare molotov

With the huge blowout of multiplayer info, that leaves Spec Ops as the only mode we’ve seen nothing about. This traditional co-op mode was featured in MW2 and MW3, and will be returning this year. Which Modern Warfare mode are you most excited about?

The multiplayer reveal trailer is featured below:




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