Contest: Win an Xbox One copy of underpants brawler Brief Battles

Enter our contest for your chance to win an Xbox One copy of Brief Battles!

No pants required for today’s contest; win an Xbox One copy of Brief Battles!

I absolutely adore weird, strange, and quirky games. Brief Battles is weird because underwear is inherently weird to me. It’s like, why add extra layers when it’s 98 degrees with 95% humidity out here in Coastal Virginia? That’s just asking for trouble. Y’all got the wrong idea, here.

That said, you can at least win an Xbox One copy of this fun little butt-’em-up! So, whaddaya say?

Brief Battles

Brief Battles takes the single-screen brawler game to the next level by removing pants and adding in underwear! That counts as next-level, right? You’re dropped into one of the various colorful levels with nothing but your wits and rosy cheeks to save you. As the carnage begins, pairs of ability-granting underpants litter the screen as the mad dash for power ensues. Iron cheeks, fiery projectiles, and frozen buns are just some of the powers you’ll get as you clothe yourself in mystical unmentionables in an effort to muscle out your friends.

Not into pure competitive mayhem? There are challenge modes you can tackle alone or with friends to unlock rewards. There’s nothing like running around in your underwear with your friends. With over 50 levels, multiple games modes, unlockables, and more, you’ll be embracing the power of the butt for ages to come.

And I love how “Embrace the power of the butt” is this game’s tagline. Makes me feel at home.

How To Win

To clench a copy for yourself, use the widget below to leave your name and email address. You can enter daily for additional chances to win. For bonus entries, follow Xbox Enthusiast on Twitter and share our contest post with your friends!

While you’re waiting to see who won, comment below telling us what ability your underwear grants you. If you’re like me and hung up the banana hammock years ago, tell us what powers your lack of underwear have given you. I have the ability to get naked roughly 2.0342 seconds quicker than the average man because I don’t have to worry about another layer of clothes getting in the way. And let me tell you, sometimes 2.0342 seconds makes all the difference.

We have 5 Xbox One keys to give away. Winners will be drawn Friday, May 10.

Brief Battles is available now for Xbox One. Our sister site Destructoid has some keys, so head there for more chances to win!

XE Contest: Win Brief Battles for Xbox One

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