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Cortana Lives! On Your New Xbox One Interface

Microsoft unveiled their latest changes to the Xbox One interface and there are some considerable differences this time around.

The company are referring to the updated UI as the ‘New Xbox One Experience’ and appears to have evolved into a mixture of the old interface on the One as well as having elements of competitor Playstation. The reveal trailer (which can be seen below) introduces us to a layered system of horizontal and vertical sliders that allow easier overall access to menu options.

Alongside the structural changes, Microsoft are incorporating Windows 10 helper, Cortana, into the new UI. Best known as broody Halo protagonist Master Chief’s on-board artificial intelligence, she has lately become something of a rival to Apple’s Siri. Her role on the Xbox One is to allow smooth communication with anyone on your friend’s list as well as being able to launch applications and games for you.

Interestingly enough, it’s also been noticed that she may be able to provide assistance in-game. In the demo for the reveal trailer, Cortana can clearly be seen being asked for aid during a play-through of Fable: Legends – at this stage whether her ability is limited to just helping the player with what quest they should take next isn’t known, but given Microsoft’s propensity for trying to use all their resources it seems likely she might have more to do and say!

What the reveal for the updated user interface has clearly defined is that Microsoft wants you to have access to everything without leaving your game. By making it far more simple to send messages and invite friends to your party when playing a game, the company is addressing several frustrations quickly, whilst also proving that the future really is about being able to access everything when playing a game.

Last but by no means least, Microsoft have given the Operating System (OS) a bit of a revamp, focusing on making the system much more productive. The overall experience should now be more responsive than it has been in the past.

This updated OS is set to launch later in the year.

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