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Cross saves coming to Destiny 2 this month!

Following on from Bungie and Activision’s recent split, the Destiny developers began to announce some big changes for the future. A free-to-play version of Destiny 2 is coming, alongside Shadowkeep, the latest in a line of major expansions. Shadowkeep looks to hold the attention of long-time players and the free-to-play version hopes to bring in a new community. These will both launch on October 1, but that isn’t all from the team at Bungie.


Some smaller, quality of life improvements were also announced, like cross save for all platforms. Through a recent blog post, we now know that cross save is still set to launch on August 21, and a link to the feature is now accessible. Once live, cross save will allow users to take their characters to whichever platform they choose to play on. If you have a top tier Hunter class on PS4, but friends on Xbox, you’ll be able to move that class over.

The process will work by linking existing platforms to a central Bungie account. From there, players will be able to select the characters and classes they want to be accessible on all platforms. Weapons and gear won’t merge, and will be as they were on each platform. Cross play is also not a feature just yet, but the developers are considering it for the future.

One of our very own recently declared his love for Destiny 2, despite a rocky launch. Will cross save enable you to play with new friends and jump back into the world of Destiny?


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