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Cuphead sheet music is up for sale from Studio MDHR

Studio MDHR’s Cuphead was a landmark title on Xbox One when it first launched in 2017. As an indie smash hit, the game became renowned for its gameplay, old-timey presentation, and bombastic jazzy soundtrack. Since its release, talented artists across the web covered and remixed Kristofer Maddigan’s merry melodies. However, if you and your friends wanted to play these tunes yourselves, then today is your lucky day! Studio MDHR made playing Cuphead‘s music more accessible than ever, as the developer is now selling official sheet music for the game.

There are a few different packages of sheet music available, each chart catered to different groups and skill levels. These are separated as follows:

High School Concert Band ($30.00 USD)

  • “Die House” (grades 3 – 3 ½)
  • “Inkwell Isle 1” (grades 3 ½ – 4)

High School Jazz Band ($35.00 USD)

  • “Carnival Kerfuffle” (grades 4 – 4 ½)
  • “Closing Credits” (grade 4+)
  • “All Bet’s Are Off” (grade 4+)
  • “Floral Fury” (grade 4 ½ +)

Professional Charts ($50.00 USD)

  • “All Bets Are Off” (grade 4+)
  • “Carnival Kerfuffle” (grades 4 ½-5)
  • “Clip Joint Calamity” (grades 4 ½-5)
  • “Closing Credits” (grades 4 ½-5), “Floral Fury” (grade 4 ½ +)
  • “Sugarland Shimmy” (grade 5+)
  • “Threatenin’ Zeppelin” (grade 5+)

Barbershop Quarter ($5.00 USD)

  • “Don’t Deal With the Devil”
  • “A Quick Break”

Of note, the High School Jazz Band package features written out bass lines, but no solos were penned down. As noted on the product page, “this will provide a great opportunity to work on melodic improvisation!

Of course, if you’re just looking for the Cuphead soundtrack, you can always find it on Spotify, Google Play, iTunes, and Studio MDHR’s Bandcamp. You can also pick up a fitting vinyl soundtrack on iam8bit. However, if you don’t know what the fuss is all about, you can check out Cuphead on a variety of platforms. The indie darling is currently available for Xbox One, Windows, Mac, and Nintendo Switch. The Delicious Last Course DLC and an animated Netflix series are also in the works.

Will you pick up Cuphead sheet music and cover these songs yourself? Let us know in the comments!


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