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Darwin Project leaves Game Preview

As news comes that season 6 of PUBG is coming, another battle royale is just taking off. Darwin Project has been part of Xbox Game Preview for nearly two years, allowing players to play during core development. Now, the title has left its preview state on PC and consoles, and is free to play.

Darwin Project presents a slightly different take compared to current battle royale games on the market. It focuses on small, 10 player battles; where the likes of PUBG, Blackout and Fortnite all feature large scale matches. The art style is reminiscent of Fortnite, but Darwin Project incorporates other features like upgrading your powers and puts a greater focus on hunting and trapping.

Darwin Project

When the game initially entered Game Preview it was a premium product, before the developers were forced down the free to play route. As the 1.0 release is the first time it will be launching free, this presents an ideal opportunity for this battle royale to reintroduce itself onto the scene.

Darwin Project has another unique feature; it grants one player the opportunity to be “The Show Director”. This player hovers above the battlefield and has the ability to turn the tides of battle at any point by summoning extreme weather or restricting certain playable zones.

Will you be trying the full release of Darwin Project?


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