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DICE tease Battlefield V Pacific Theater DLC


Battlefield V has struggled to maintain a solid stream of post-launch support running up to the Pacific Theater DLC. The game launched in November 2018, and ditched the premium pass content model introduced in Battlefield 3. This has meant free maps and weapons for the community, but sadly they’ve released at a much slower rate than previous years.

The content drops have also been pretty minimal. The odd map or weapon here and there, but nothing substantial has launched since release, aside from the Firestorm battle royale mode. However, DICE announced a Pacific Theater expansion earlier this year, and it looks like we’re about to learn more about it.


The developer has posted a teaser on twitter, giving us a glimpse of what’s to come. A soldier is looking out from a U.S aircraft carrier, towards a large island. The team already announced that a re-imagined version of classic map Iwo Jima was coming with this update. This teaser certainly looks like it might be showing off that classic Battlefield 1942 map.

This feels like it could be Battlefield V‘s last chance to stay relevant. The game sold a lot less than the previous entry, Battlefield 1, and has struggled to keep its community engaged. The Pacific Theater expansion will be fully revealed on October 23.

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