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E3: Apex Legends season 2 revealed at EA Play

During today’s EA Play event, the company shared details about season 2 of Apex Legends. The free to play battle royale from Respawn Entertainment has improved since launch, and things are about to get crazier. Starting on July 2nd, Battle Charge, the name of season 2 will be available to all players. This means that there will be a new battle pass, tweaks, weapon, map, and an additional legend.

New weapon? Don’t mind if I do

Respawn revealed the L-Star, a new light machine gun ready to tear the competition to shreds. The massively powerful gun cannot be found around the map. Instead, it’s limited strictly to care packages that drop onto the battlefield. Additionally, the L-Star will come with extremely limited ammunition. While the developers didn’t say how much ammo comes with the gun, they did mention that players will not be able to scavenge bullets for it. What you see is what you get, so strategy comes into play with that gun. It’s worth noting that the L-Star comes from Titanfall 2, so fans of that game can get nostalgic playing Apex Legends.

Welcome Wattson to the team

The tenth legend, Wattson, was officially revealed during the presentation as well. While all characters have a unique class (offensive, defensive, support, recon), Wattson’s abilities give her an edge in multiple classes. Her passive ability, called Spark of Genius allows her to fill her tactical move with ultimate accelerants instantly. Her tactical ability lets players place up to 12 nodes around the battlefield, which will damage enemies and alter their movement speeds.

Wattson’s ultimate move is called Interception Pylon. The move sets up a giant pylon on the field which can destroy ordinances. This is particularly useful against Bangalore’s Rolling Thunder ultimate that launches an airstrike across the battlefield. While we won’t know how powerful Wattson will be, she definitely seems like an exciting addition to the roster.

With a new season comes new changes

As with rival battle royale Fortnite, Apex Legends is looking to change things up next season. We mentioned a new map, weapon, and character, but Respawn is also improving the game’s quality of life. There were a lot of criticisms in season one, especially about the battle pass. First off, challenges are coming next season. There will be daily and weekly challenges that will test even the most skilled players. According to the team members at EA Play, those challenges will stack. This is great for players who can’t commit to logging on every single day. Stacking challenges allow players to level up at a quick pace all season long.

One of the more exciting pieces of news is that ranked matches are coming to Apex Legends. There will be six tiers ranging from bronze to Apex Predator. Each tier will consist of its own set of players, meaning that the higher the rank, the stronger the competition will be. Season two will also include four legendary skins for legends and weapons. The change that we’re most excited about is the possibility for a stronger Mozambique, the tiny shotgun which has been infamously cemented as a meme since its inception. We’d be thrilled to destroy other players with that weapon in season 2.

The future is soon

Apex Legends is shaping up to be an even better game than it already is. Respawn Entertainment clearly loves the game and the community that drives it forward. Season 2 starts on July 2nd. What are you most looking forward to? Is it the new weapon, map, Wattson, or the various tweaks that will make for a more balanced experience? Let’s also talk about that giant monster shown at the end of the trailer? What exactly is Respawn getting ready to shock us with? Only time will tell, but the future seems bright for Apex Legends.

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