E3: Battlefield V brings new maps, additional weapons, and intros Chapter 5

EA Dice  is bringing a range of new updates to Battlefield V some beginning even today! Within the given time slot, DICE were able to unveil maps, new weaponry, and upcoming Chapter 5 details. 


Beginning with map options fans were given the timeline of release for the new gameplay settings coming. Over the next several months, DICE is rolling out three new maps: Marita, Al Sundan, and Operation Underground. In July, the Marita map will bring players to the Albanian Greece Border introducing them to the Battle of Greece. The map will bring congested, close quarters combat to the forefront. The architecture of multi-level buildings also will bring a new ‘unique verticle gameplay. 

The additional two maps gave less detail. In August the Al Sundan map will bring an expansive Battlefield style dessert map focusing on vehicular combat. The map is based on the Under No Flag storyline line. In October, Operation Underground will take players underground to the subways and catacomb-like structures. 

Addressing fanbase concerns

DICE also took time to acknowledge some of the most pressing issues being communicated by the game-base. In August they are introducing the expansion of Maximum Rank from 50 to 500, further differentiating dedicated players from casuals. At every rankplayers will receive a new company coin. At every 50 ranks, you will receive custom rank icons and dog-tags. They also will introduce a new battle royal mode.

Chapter 5: Pacific War Theatre

Battlefield V Chapter 5 will finally introduce players to the Pacific War Theatre. Chapter 5 will bring players many iconic WWII locations, including Iwo Jima. They also will introduce new ‘classics’ like the M1 Garand, time-specific vehicles and amphibious warfare.

DICE wrapped up their time announcing that beginning today EA Access and Vault members will be able to play Battlefield V as a part of their subscriptions.

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