E3: Elite 2 Controller Series

Xbox announced its new wireless controller series 2, stating it was the “world’s most advanced controller” yet. The controllers have been re-engineered from the inside-out, with higher precision control, improved trigger grip and redesigned bumpers for improved firing, and shorter hair trigger locks. They also now come with wrap-around rubberized grips, as well as adjustable-tension thumbsticks and paddle options.

Players will also be able to navigate between three custom profiles set for their specific gaming preferences. Bluetooth connectivity and an upgraded internal rechargeable battery has been improved upon as well for extended gameplay. A detachable charging dock was also featured, which boasts up to 40 hours per charge. Overall, these updates look like they’ll give players a hefty controller you can rely on, with a more personalized, customizable gaming experience. Look for these controllers in stores later this year.

Ashley is the Artist in Residence for the Institute of Theology, Imagination, and the Arts at the University of St. Andrews, where she is developing original material for the stage. In addition to writing for Xbox Enthusiast, Ashley is a cohost on The Min/Max Podcast, where they discuss all things nerd culture and theology.

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