E3: Indie title “Spiritfarer” announced

A teaser trailer of the newly announced Spiritfarer from Thunderlotus showcases a highly stylized,
colorful 2D world with whimsical characters and animation. The protagonist, Stella, is shown associating with various woodland animals, and building additions to her houseboat, which allows her crew to travel to new lands. One member of her crew appears to be a stag with glowing golden eyes. The character appears several times, so it is likely there is a focused plot around the companion.

Ultimately, the gameplay focuses on crafting, gardening, fishing…and of course, friendship. However, it appears as though there will be some exploration and puzzle challenges as well. At one point, Stella and her deer friend were shown in a canoe, and light traced the border of a bridge and along its reflection in the pond there were in. Perhaps the developers willchallenge the players with reflection-based puzzles. In another scene, Stella appeared to run to various points in the houseboat to repair lighting damage taken on during a thunder storm. At the end she harnesses the lightning for a later purpose. The trailer closed with the tagline “Learn how to say goodbye,” which isn’t ominous in the slightest. Spiritfarer is set to release directly to Game Pass sometime in 2020.

Ashley is the Artist in Residence for the Institute of Theology, Imagination, and the Arts at the University of St. Andrews, where she is developing original material for the stage. In addition to writing for Xbox Enthusiast, Ashley is a cohost on The Min/Max Podcast, where they discuss all things nerd culture and theology.

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