E3 Ubisoft: For Honor Shadows of the Hitokiri


Ubisoft announced a new event for For Honor titled Shadows of the Hitokiri. This limited-time mode is only available until June 27th. The trailer boasts a limited-time game mode “Soul Rush,” spectral customization for heroes, and an “otherworldly map ambiance.” In “Soul Rush” mode, teams race against others to collect souls like the newest Hero Sakura. Each Hero has their own stock of souls that count toward their team’s score, which can be lost if killed by an opponent. Felled Heroes lose their souls, which can only be regained if a teammate revives them. Don’t worry though; you can bank souls at various designated points on the battlefield.

New Illustrious Outfits inspired by death gods have also been included. Each costs 20,000 Steel per Hero. New emotes cost 10,000 steel. Both will also be available in the Hitokiri Bundles.  Each of the 24 playable Heroes has one new weapon set made of three parts. One of these weapon parts may drop during any mode and in Scavenger Crates, as well as at the end of matches during the event. Unfortunately, the weapons won’t be available in the bundles.

The team announced during the pre-show that a Spectator Mode will make its way into the game at a later date. Shadows of the Hitokiri will go live on PS4, Xbox One, and PC from June 10 at 1PM PT, to June 27 at 6AM PT.




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