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Fallout 76 is getting a $100 subscription pass

Yes, you read that right. Bethesda is giving you the opportunity to supplement your Fallout 76 purchase with a very costly premium pass. The Fallout 1st premium membership contains a selection of “benefits” for explorers, but we’re struggling to see how they’re worth the asking price.

For $100 a year, or $13 a month, you get access to your own private worlds, essentially, private lobbies. On top of that, you get your own scrapbox for unlimited loot storage, and the survival tent, a placeable fast travel point. The only real goodies you get alongside these features are premium currency, and some cosmetics you’d typically buy with said currency.


Now, forgive us, but this doesn’t seem like the best value for money. Remember, Xbox Game Pass, the service containing a brilliant library of games, costs just $10 a month. This “Fallout 1st” is on top of a $60 price point for the base game, which didn’t exactly blow fans away at launch…

The upcoming NPC expansion for Fallout 76 was delayed recently; an update that promises to focus on a more traditional Fallout experience. This includes people out in the wild to meet, story quests to embark on and more. Fallout 76 still seems to be at the centre of Bethesda’s plans, especially after DOOM Eternal got delayed.

What do you think of Fallout 1st?


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