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First Gears 5 campaign footage in over a year shown at Gamescom

Gears 5 is right around the corner, and we finally have more campaign to look at. The new trailer debuted on Opening Night Live at Gamescom, the first showing since E3 2018! Returning characters Marcus, Baird and Kait feature heavily in the trailer ahead of its September 10 launch.

Huge, Berserker-looking enemies are also pretty prominent, and appear quite the threat. There also looks to be a good mix of classic Gears environments with the new snow theme for Gears 5. We hope the story moves on successfully from Gears 4, and we finally find out about the origins of the locust.

Gears 5

On the earlier Inside Xbox stream, The Coalition also showed a deep dive on the new horde mode. New character abilities are the big addition, with players having the ability to see through walls with the right class selection. Fortifications and skill cards are also shown in the horde footage, both of which featured heavily in Gears of War 4. The Coalition call this the “ultimate realization” of what Gears of War 2 set out to do back in 2008.


July’s multiplayer tech test featured Arcade mode, which also put a big emphasis on character classes. In other multiplayer news, The Coalition has announced that two Halo Reach characters are coming to Gears 5 multiplayer. This is likely to tie into the upcoming Halo Reach release for the Master Chief Collection.

The campaign trailer is situated below.

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