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First multiplayer gameplay from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare revealed

Modern Warfare

On July 11, Activision and Infinity Ward finally showed off multiplayer gameplay for the next Call of Duty, following May’s reveal. Although press and influencers have previously seen demos, this was the first public showing. A small slice of the multiplayer was shown off; the upcoming 2v2 mode titled Gunfight. This new mode showed off close quarters battles on small competitive-focused maps. The stream was shown on multiple influencer channels, and is archived here.

The new mode stripped back the excess and focused on intense competitive gunfights. Influence from Rainbow Six: Siege seems apparent, including the mode, weapon animations and general UI. Aside from that, a unique loadout system appears, which is unique to Gunfight. Rather than create a custom loadout like most CoD modes, Gunfight does it differently. Each round has a random set of weapons, and every two rounds these swap out for a new loadout. The first duo to win six rounds, wins the match.

Although this was our first look at multiplayer, Infinity Ward are keen to stress that Gunfight is a small slice. The full multiplayer reveal will take place on August 1. With this, we are expecting to see a much broader look at the whole online package, including traditional CoD modes. However, this small slice did at least give us a glimpse of the new Call of Duty engine. For the first time in a long time, Modern Warfare does look like a fresh start for the series. New, more realistic weapon animations and sounds combine with a graphics overhaul to bring Call Of Duty more inline with its competition.

Alongside the updates for this year’s Call of Duty, a bonus for Black Ops 4 players was also announced. Anyone who has or will pre-order the upcoming title will receive popular character Captain Price to play in Blackout. This furthers the speculation on whether battle royale will appear again this year. With the success of Apex Legends and to a larger extent, Fortnite, it might make sense to continue with Blackout updates. A completely separate battle royale mode tied to another $60 game could fragment and frustrate Blackout’s playerbase.

Infinity Ward have said that this year, all modes will feature a unified progression system. It remains to be seen how Gunfight and the yet-to-be-revealed co-op mode will tie into traditional multiplayer. The season pass has also been scrapped this year, another positive for a strong playerbase. August 1 is very soon and we will be covering the full multiplayer gameplay reveal.

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