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From next week you can opt out of cross-play in Sea of Thieves

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Sea of Thieves is a great example of how you should support a “live service” game. When it arrived it was met with very mixed reactions. A lot of this was down to what people were expecting. It wasn’t and still isn’t, a game with a heavily designed singleplayer campaign. You can play Sea of Thieves as a solo pirate but it is designed to be a shared experience. When it launched there wasn’t a lot of variety in what you could do. Players were instead encouraged to make their own adventures and voyages. Since launch, Rare has worked hard to provide a wealth of content for players. The game is now a much more varied experience with lots of things to find and do. If Bioware wants to learn how to improve Anthem, they could do a lot worse than to look at Sea of Thieves.

With Sea of Thieves being such a co-operative experience, cross-play has been a central part of the game. Personally, I have never had any problems pirating alongside people on PC as I don’t think it gives them much of an advantage compared to other games. There has been the option to turn of cross-play in Arena mode (PvP) for a while but now Rare are going to be adding this option to adventure mode as well. The announcement was made during the last developer update video and should be coming as part of the “Legends of the Sea” update which should roll out next week.

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