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Gasp! The ESRB think DOOM Eternal is a Mature game

DOOM Eternal

Ah, the Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB). You’ve got to love them. After some backlash over their ‘E for Everyone’ rating for NBA 2K20 despite its obvious gambling, they’ve obviously missed the memo that DOOM Eternal has been delayed. We brought you the news last week that id Software has taken the decision to shift the release date for their follow up to 2016’s DOOM to early next year. Well, the ESRB has today released the rating summary for the game. This would make absolute sense if the game was going to launch next month. However, with the game pushed back to 20th March 2020, it doesn’t make much sense to release it now.

Anyway, in a move that will shock no one, the ESRB has given DOOM Eternal an ‘M for Mature’ rating. Unsurprisingly, they found the ‘blood, gore, and intense violence’ enough to give the game their strongest rating. You can read the full summary below –

This is a first-person shooter in which players assume the role of the Doom Slayer, an ancient warrior battling demonic forces from Hell. Players use a variety of enhanced/futuristic firearms (e.g., plasma rifles, laser chain guns, combat shotguns) to kill dozens of demons, ghouls, and boss characters. Players can also use blades and chainsaws to impale and/or mutilate enemies. Enemies emit large splatters of blood when injured and can be cut in half or decapitated by several types of weapons. Combat is frenetic, highlighted by gunfire, gore, screams of pain, and explosions. Some cutscenes depict enemy characters being decapitated at close range; camera angles often linger on bloody neck stumps or severed heads.

If anything, the only surprise here is that it doesn’t have any ‘strong language’ in it as 2016’s DOOM had that listed among the reasons it was given a mature rating. You can check out the latest trailer for DOOM Eternal, that introduces the Hunter, below –

Steve Clist
Joint Editor-in-Chief at Xbox Enthusiast as well as a contributor for Nintendo Enthusiast and PlayStation Enthusiast. Steve is a musician and gamer who loves sharing his passion for each. You will normally find him at the front of the grid in racing games or on the other end of the kill cam when you've just been killed in a first-person shooter.

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