E3: Gears 5 is coming September 10, 2019 to Xbox One and PC

Gears 5 will release on September 10 for Xbox One and PC. The new entry from The Coalition will be available on day one via Xbox Game Pass. New modes have also been announced for the series, including Escape. This new mode sees a more aggressive take on PvE for Gears, with Horde being a more defensive-minded mode. “Arcade” was also announced, which is a new competitive PvP mode.

Alongside the new modes announced, came a new crossover character. The Terminator is playable in Gears 5 and is visually reminiscent of the Deebees from Gears 4. The character model shown in the teaser was from the upcoming entry in the film series; Dark Fate. We assume this new baddie will be playable from the Swarm side of multiplayer.

Gears of War was not done there, as Gears POP! also showed up with a brand new trailer. A Vague “pre-order now” icon was shown at the end, but expect to see this POP! inspired entry in the franchise to hit mobile devices soon.

In and amongst the Gears trailers, we saw a bunch of new characters, weapons, and enemies coming to the Franchise. I spotted a weird mutated version of Gears 4’s buzzsaw in there somewhere, along with a huge new handgun in the hands of a COG character.

What are you looking forward to most that’s coming to the world of Gears?

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