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Gears 5 soundtrack on vinyl gets a release date

One of the few areas that have seen market growth in the world of music is vinyl. It seems incredible that after the introduction of CDs seemed to spell the end for the format that it is now seeing a renaissance while CD sales are continuing to decline. It’s also nice to see that we are getting a steady stream of game soundtracks being released on vinyl. We have seen the soundtracks for Cuphead, as well as Battletoads, Banjo Kazooie, and Perfect Dark get vinyl releases. The latest game soundtrack to come to the format is Gears 5.

The soundtrack to Gears 5 is an absolute corker and was composed by Ramin Djawadi. He is probably best known for his work on Game of Thrones but was also the composer for Iron Man, Pacific Rim, and Westworld. It’s great to see that his fantastic work on Gears 5 will get a life of its own thanks to this release. The vinyl release is being handled by Laced Records and is available as both a ‘Deluxe Double Vinyl’ and a ‘Limited Edition Deluxe Double Vinyl’. It will launch in February 2020. You can check out the tracklisting and official description below –

Track List:

Disc 1 Side A
Kait’s Theme
New Ephyra
Burned Up

Side B
Riftworm Village
Exit Village
Ice Overworld
Ice Combat

Disc 2 – Side A
The Truth
Sand Overworld
Launchpad Arrival
Kraken Combat
Hammer Launches

Side B
Azura Combat
Queen Ultimatum
Squad Regroups
Bittersweet Victory

Gear up COGs, it’s time to hammer the Locust once again. Laced Records has partnered with The Coalition and Xbox Game Studios to bring the magnificent Gears 5 soundtrack to vinyl.

Across 18 tracks, Game of Thrones and Iron Man composer Ramin Djawadi deftly blends a heavyweight Hollywood sound with impassioned melodies, bringing to life Kait’s journey across the icy wastes and dusty deserts of Gears 5. The soundtrack features a varied mixture of orchestral textures, huge-sounding percussion, and atmospheric electronic sounds.

Specially remastered for vinyl, the Gears 5 OST will be pressed to 180g heavyweight transparent red and orange vinyl housed in a deluxe gatefold sleeve featuring striking original artwork by UK based designer, Luke Preece.

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