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Get Enlisted on the Game Preview Program later this year

Enlisted the WWII squad-based MMO shooter from Darkflow software and Gaijin Entertainment is coming to the Xbox Game Preview Program later this year. The first-person shooter is going for an authentic feel and is set to place you inside massive battles as you play as American, Soviet, and German soldiers. Enlisted will launch with several game modes including Invasion, Offensive, City Battle, and (of course) Battle Royale. Here’s what Alexander Polyakov, lead producer of Darkflow Software, had to say about the game –

“We want to widen the genre of realistic FPS to a bigger audience. Realism should not always mean lengthy preparation and an extended road to the first battle. Realism should be the battle conditions and weapon characteristics being close to reality, it’s in the active interaction with your team or squad, it’s in the massive battles, where you can lose hundreds of soldiers in one assault. This is what we aim for in Enlisted”

You can check out some footage of the game below –

Enlisted will come to the Xbox Game Preview Program later this year.

Steve Clist
Joint Editor-in-Chief at our sister site XboxEnthusiast, Steve also has a serious love for Nintendo. His first console was an N64 and it was love at first sight. He may specialise in racing games but will give anything a shot. He's also a serious guitar player and musician. Basically, Steve rocks. Need we say more?

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