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Ghost Recon Breakpoint’s Project Titan gets a new trailer

Ubisoft is deep into damage limitation and the rebuilding of Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint. The latest entry in the popular franchise was met with a mixture of disgust at microtransactions and questionable gameplay decisions. The French publisher is not one to just give up on a game, though (take note EA). While games like For Honor and Rainbow Six Siege were greeted with a more positive reception than Breakpoint, both games had issues at launch. Take a look at those titles now and you will find a couple of really great games. This improvement was achieved through a steady stream of content and listening to fans to see what they liked and what they didn’t. Well, it goes without saying that Ubisoft is hoping that the release of the first raid for Breakpoint will help to stop the bleeding and help to get fans back on side.

We brought you the news about Project Titan, the first raid for Breakpoint, last week. Well, we now have the first full trailer for the new content. The new video has a lot more tease rather than showing action but it does give a look at some of the environments you’ll be venturing through as well as some of the enemies and a taste of the bigger picture. Anyway, you can check out the new video below along with the official description of the raid –

A faction of Wolves, called the Red Wolves, have taken over Golem Island, the volcanic island developed by Skell Technology. Strategically placed away from the main island of Auroa, Golem Island was home to a military research unit specializing in the creation of experimental drones.

Due to the sensitive nature of the research, Skell Tech implemented a self-learning AI to monitor the whole island and protect the valuable resources on it.

Having infiltrated the area, the Red Wolves managed to refactor the self-learning AI. Now it works only to their advantage.

Your team has received intel about four lethal prototype drones in final development. It’s your job to find and destroy these drones before they reach full production, and to neutralize any remaining threats.

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