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Ghost Recon Wildlands Preview – Huge, Free, and Fun

When Ubisoft showed off the gameplay of Ghost Recon Wildlands at its E3 press conference, the corny dialogue caught some gamers’ ire. The banter and planning between characters was overtly cheesy – who actually talks like that, right?

However, after twenty minutes rolling with a squad through Ghost Recon Wildlands, we encountered much of the same sort of conversation as the demo. For example, before infiltrating an enemy camp, we decided that each of us would take out a different enemy at the same time using our sniper rifles.

“I’ve got the one pacing up front,” said one of the gamers. “I’ve got the one leaning on the motorcycle,” I said. The other two players marked off their targets. Our squad leader counted down… “three, two, one.” We let loose, taking out four enemies in a single second, they did not know what was coming to them.

This coordination made communication in Ghost Recon Wildlands not only nice to have, but necessary for survival. Here we were, four strangers that had never met each other, working together as though we had known each other for years.

After clearing out the camp, we found the local gang leader, who took off on a vehicle to outrun us. We each hopped into a different vehicle to track the criminal down. After finally taking the car down, the cartel leader ran to hide in a building – he had to be interrogated.

I ran quickly into the building, grabbed the leader and began asking questions to get vital information out of him. All of a sudden, a wave of enemies rolled in. Although I had to continue interrogating the criminal, my crew-members had to continue fighting outside the building to keep me protected.

Finally, we completed the mission. The four of us ran to a nearby helicopter to take off. At this point we truly saw the scale of Ghost Recon Wildlands. The land is littered with criminal camps and missions. I can only imagine the freedom that squads will feel while exploring the map, choosing to go to any points to take back parts of the map.

We see another camp and choose to take it over. The four of us jump from the helicopter, using our parachutes to regroup right outside the camp. At this point, we decide that two of us would provide support with sniper rifles from the outside, while the other two crew members would go directly into the camp.

Once again, dialogue was vital in this game. If one of our crew members found themselves in trouble, they would be sure to let us know so that those of us with snipers could take out the enemies.

This strategy and communication provided an experience that was one of the best I had at E3. After taking out another camp, I was ready to rush into another mission, further using our tactics and strategy to take down the cartel.

My only concern with Wildlands as of right now is the game’s reliance on multiplayer. Will the same game be just as fun if playing alone, or with random strangers on the internet? Truthfully, I do not know. However, if you have a good crew of four people you can roll through Wildlands with, there is surely lots of fun to be had.

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