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Greedfall: A deep dive into character styling

Over the past two weeksI have been spending a large amount of time with Spiders newest RPG, Greedfall. In my first article, chronicling my experienceI expressed excitement over was the possibilities of the paper doll character design system. In other RPG games like Dark Souls, I have spent many hours perfecting the look of my characters. Needless to say, one of the aspects of Greedfall I was thoroughly jazzed by was the levels of customization it l seemed to possess. 

But how did it hold up? 33 hours in: I’m pretty happy. 

Character basics

The character design of De Sardet began with a bodacious set of muttonchops paired with mustachioed refinement and a little soul patch flare. With this unique set of facial features, I set myself up with a solid basis upon which to craft my looks. Greedfall‘s upgrade system for wearables manifests itself as physical additions and/or adornments to the armorhatglovesbootsnecklaces, or capes. On a simple level additions to the wearables affect its armor rating and balance. As you upgrade your craftsmanship and science Talents in the skill tree you unlock upgradeable resistances as well. Naturally, I upgraded craftsmanship immediately to the mastery level with science one level behind. 

Hat options 

Greedfall‘s hat game has two sets of solid options: protective metal helms or fashionable fabric hats. On the metal headgear front: players can choose from basic helmets, bassinets, or barbuts. For more fashion-oriented headpieces, the options are inquisitors vestments (wide-brim fedoras), berets, turbans, or ‘elegant’ hat (curled fedora). As one can imagine metal helms have a higher armor rating, while the fabric hats possess resistances and boons like higher loot drop chance. 

Breastplate/armour options

When it comes to body armor, there are a wide variety of options. There is a mix of plate, mail, cloth, and leather options. There are doublets, kaftans, vestments, ceremonial armorbrigandine, cuirass, navigators coats, and tunics. As one might expect, metal armors possess an inherent higher armor rating while the softer, as a general rule, allow for better balance. 

From a visual perspective, armor upgrades manifest more than any other article of clothing. There are three upgradable sections: neckarms, and pouch. Each slot can increase armor rating, balance, or resistances/skill bonuses depending on the incorporated elements. These options provide a diverse range of options to the player allowing for total customization to an individual players style. 

Gloves /Boots /Capes /Necklaces

As with any paper-doll simulator, there are certain elements where visually interesting upgrades are less substantial. When it comes to hand-coverings the options are gauntlets, gloves, or bare knuckles. As with the other wearable elements, metal is better armor, softer has better balance. Boots are more of the same with less variation. Capes all provide, based on my 33 hours of gameplay, a +1 to charisma and have different designs. By the time we get to necklaces, it seems the creative juices ran out. Necklaces are not visible. While they do possess healing, element protection and speciality buffs such as unicorn medal (poison resistant + healing), they are never seen. This slot is purely for min/maxing purposes based on the players desired build. 


A proper character build would not be complete without a detailed examination of the various weapon options available within Greedfall. This is one area where the development team was messing around. Weapons can be broken into four distinct categories: heavy weapons, light weaponspistols, and long-guns. Each category possesses a diverse selection of styles catering to the players personal aesthetic. Heavy (mostly two-handed) weapons consist of claymores, broadswords, maces, and war hammers. Rapiers, axes, shortswords, court swords, hunting daggers, bishops rings (magic casting), and stilettos make up the light weaponry category.

Moving our examination along, we come to firearms. Both categories are beautiful engraving covered creations with a surprisingly wide range of options for pistols and a few nice long-guns. Pepperboxes, short blunderbuss, 3 & 4 barrelled pistols, precisions pistols, and duelling pistols round out the handgun selection. Long-guns are comprised of flintlocks, blunderbuss, muskets, and arquebus. 

Show us the goods

After 33 hours of gameplay and a solid amount of tinkering, I have designed two outfits which I’ve found to be both aesthetically pleasing and functional. For simplicityI will refer to them as the ‘style build’ and ‘function build’. 

Style build: Leather on Leather 

With the style buildI began with a lovely brown leather tricorne hat, visually quite pleasing but also possessing lovely elemental resistances and a 15% loot increase buff. As my armor, I chose to continue the leather motif opting for a Commanders Collared Sailor Coat. I went with this top due to its solid armor and balance ratings but also possessing high elemental resistance, a fury generation perk, and a +1 to lock picking.

For my glove selection, I chose a legendary piece called “Majors Gauntlets” which while having a small magical resistance, mostly match the aesthetic I was going for. To protect my feetI made another style choice wearing a set of “Grenadier officer‘s cuisses” purely on the basis of how their grieves look. For the neckI chose a simple element protection medal which provides 10hp/s healing and 20% elemental resistance. Finally, as my capeI opted for lovely deep red priests cape.

Function Build: Heavy Metal

For my function build, there were only a handful of changes. I keep my lovely tricorne hat for its stats but more importantly, it’s sex appeal. While a barbut or bascinet may provide a higher armour rating the visual becomes far too phallic and ruins the overall aesthetic. To protect my torso, I opted for a level-three craftsmanship coin guard curiass providing a high armour and balance ratings. While the armor is worn, it gives off a soldier vibe I find extremely satisfying. I also exchange my cape for beautiful blue the Cape of the Congregation with the same +1 to charisma. The only additional item which differs from the style build is the boots. While giving no additional statistical bonus, the old Serene boots have the veteran vibe which completes this look.

Whatcha Packin’

My weapon selection remains the same for both builds. Above all else, I value speed in an RPG such as this. This necessitates weapons matching a fast movement, quick-strike style of play. De Sardet possess three individual weapons slots which I chose to fill with a light weapon, a (rare) single-handed heavy weapon and a pistol. As my ‘light‘ weapon, I chose a level-three Naval Officers sabre which provides for quick strikes, a solid stun chance and a devastating amount of damage per strike. During a fury strike, it also allows for four fury charges capable of doing massive damage. Its visual appeal also matches the veteran mercenary look nicely.

For my heavy weapon, I only ever had one choice: Hammer of the Forgotten God. In other wordsMjölnir. The developers of Greedfall made a fabulous nod to Norse mythology and the MCU with the inclusion of this hammer. While its physical damage is not fantastic, its armour damage is higher than any other weapon I’ve found. Also. THORS HAMMER. Nuff said.

Boom Stick

Finally, as my firearm selection, I’m rocking an old duelling pistol. It possesses a staggering stun rating and a solid damage capability. I’ll be the first to admit this is not my first choice of a gun. Due to the way the skill tree progresses players must choose which attributes they will be stronger in. Due to my love of “tanking”, I chose to distribute the majority of my attribute points into agility and endurance, unlocking better blade weapons and armor. Unfortunately, this has a negative effect on my ability to use better firearms. Never fear though, in due course I will unlock my pepperbox and wield it proudly. 


There you have it! While Greedfall doesn’t have the most in-depth paper-doll simulator, I’ve seen on the market; its options are still quite fun. Have you made any fun builds in Greedfall? Let me know your preferences in the comments! 

Allen H. Mowers
Allen works professionally in photography, cinematography, and marketing. As a lifelong camera junkie, he channels his creative and technical energy into the craft of photography, both in digital and analog processes.He also loves playing games of all sorts, shapes, and play styles. Most days when he's not doing photo related things he can be found playing D&DDiablo IIIBattlefield 1, or something retro. He also is a co-host and producer on the Min/Max Podcast.

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