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How Xbox One Handles 360 Games – Rumor

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Xbox 360 Backwards Compatibility Q&A

The Xbox One got one of the most requested features today during the Microsoft E3 press conference: Xbox 360 backwards compatibility. With a handful of titles being available now for preview members and more to come later on for everyone, the Xbox One’s library is about to get a whole lot larger. There are obviously some more questions about how all of this will work but there seems to be some evidence that sheds some light on how these games get installed.

Xbox 360 Backwards Compatibility Q and A

Xbox One/Xbox 360 Backwards Compatibility Q and A

Based on a Google cache of a Q&A page on the Xbox website, Xbox 360 game discs will only need to be inserted once into the Xbox One. The console will save all of the information on the disc after the first time it is inserted. The assumption here is that once the game is installed, players can launch their installed 360 games by navigating through the menu or by using Kinect voice commands without putting the discs in the console again. This stands in contrast to the way the Xbox One currently handles discs for current-gen games where discs are needed for every session. Other information posted indicated that the games are running through an emulator, much like how the Wii U plays Wii games. Games purchased digitally from the Xbox Marketplace are also said to work as well.

The website was taken down at the time of this writing but this seems like a real possibility. If it turns out to be true then the backwards compatibility feature is more convenient than expected.


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