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JUMANJI: The Video Game launches today

JUMANJI has seen a resurgence since the 2017 film reintroduced the IP to the world. Starring famous actors like Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Jack Black, it did a good job at bringing the source material forward. Now, a video game adaptation of the popular franchise has released today, November 8.

It’s a 3D action adventure set across multiple locations within the JUMANJI universe. The game also features the characters from the 2017 film, although judging by the trailer, they don’t seem to be voiced. This is a shame, as the actors really brought the film characters to life two years ago.


 Not a screenshot, of course.

It’s kind of strange to see a film about a game then get its own video game adaptation, but in theory it could work. However, the trailers and material released so far make JUMANJI: The Video Game look like your typical movie tie-in. That’s to say; low budget and a little janky.

The co-op aspect looks interesting though, as it gives each of the four characters independent skills to utilise. You can also play the game in four player split screen locally, something of a rarity this generation. JUMANJI: The Video Game is out today, November 8 on PC and all major consoles, including Xbox One.

The new launch trailer is available below.


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