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Mercenaries enter the Ghost Recon Wildlands

We’re about two and a half months away from a new entry in the Ghost Recon franchise. Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint is set to launch on 4th October. You would have thought that this would mean that the team at Ubisoft would be busy polishing off the new game. While we’re sure that there are people doing that as we speak, it seems that some of the development team are not ready to give up on Ghost Recon Wildlands yet. We may only be a handful of weeks away from the launch of Breakpoint but a new game mode called Mercenaries is coming to Wildlands.

This new addition is an 8-player, PvPvE, free for all where you need to reach a helicopter for extraction. When you start, you will not know where the extraction zone is. You will have to locate and activate radio transmitters to narrow down the possible location of the extraction point. Once a player has activated three transmitters, the helicopter will head to the extraction point. Once it has landed, its position will become available to everyone. When you reach the chopper, you will need to fill an extraction gauge. We’re not sure how this is done but we imagine that weapons and violence will be involved. When the extraction gauge is filled you can board the chopper and win.

As well as not knowing where the extraction point is at the start of the match, you will also only be in possession of a melee weapon. You will need to gear, weapons, and consumables to take down both enemy players and the Unidad forces. If you die, you’ll lose everything you have collected but will be able to respawn. You may want to be a bit more wary of your health in Mercenaries mode. Not just because of the possibility of losing all your gear but because Mercenaries mode features a new health and armour system. As you collect armour pieces, your armour bar will go up. This bar will absorb a percentage of the damage that you receive. The percentage depends on the weapon that is being used against you. If shot by a weapon with penetration damage, you will continue to bleed and lose health until you are able to patch yourself up.

Mercenaries mode is available now for anyone who owns Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands. Completing your first match will unlock the Lone Wolf costume. There are also other bonuses that can be obtained for winning matches. You can check out the trailer for the new mode below

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