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Metro Exodus: The Two Colonels review

Clammy, cramped and claustrophobic; Metro Exodus: The Two Colonels takes little time to remind you of the series’ beginnings. In this DLC, gone are the wide open expanses of Exodus and the confined spaces of the metro tunnels return. Although short, this add-on is well polished and offers some nice back-story on one of the most pivotal sections of the main campaign.

The Two Colonels

You play as Colonel Khlebnikov, a military leader tasked with finding safe areas on Russia’s surface. These locations are stored on maps hidden beneath the ground, and are needed to evacuate the metro. A vital medicine required to survive is running dry in the metro dwellings. This explains why the main game took players across post-apocalyptic Russia. If this all sounds familiar, it’s because the main campaign retreads these very steps with Colonel Miller, which is where the tie-in lies.

The Two Colonels

Cutscenes in The Two Colonels are cleverly done, showing both Colonels’ trips to find these maps. They reveal just how bleak things can be after nuclear war, and how fine a margin survival can become. Where one soldier perishes another may succeed, and that is only further highlighted by the environments you play in.

Burn baby burn

There are so many rotting corpses in these underground tunnels, showing that most have been unsuccessful. Thankfully for you, they likely didn’t have a flamethrower, which quickly becomes the perfect tool for the job. You use it to take out mutants whilst also burning away slime to reveal the path ahead. We recommend scouring the environment for weapon parts, as a bigger fuel tank and more effective pump will help. They will especially come in handy during the DLC’s later encounters. Hidden notes and audio logs in these areas also add to the story and are always worth seeking out.


There are also some segments fighting human enemies along the metro lines, which is the biggest throwback to both 2033 and Last Light. Whilst these sections are short and service the narrative more than anything, they are a reminder that the mutants aren’t the only enemies in Metro. Humans are never quite as fun to fight as the creatures though, so these sections being over quick is never an issue. The Two Colonels focuses more on the horrifying monsters that thrive below, which benefits the action.


Overall, The Two Colonels is a solid add-on to Metro Exodus. If you’re someone who preferred the claustrophobic nature of the first two games, you’ll feel right at home here. However, there is still plenty of merit for fans of where Exodus went and how that story ended. There isn’t much weapon or environment variety, but that matters little in the context of a short DLC.

Whilst the campaign is over fast (in around 90 minutes) it is high on production value and meaningful encounters, containing little padding or additional nonsense. It’s also priced accordingly, so you’re getting a good chunk of quality content for your money.

Metro Exodus: The Two Colonels is available now, and is part of the Expansion Pass.

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