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Microsoft Patent Filing reveals possible Nintendo Switch like controllers

A patent filing by Microsoft Technology Licensing LLC was recently discovered which seems to suggest Microsoft is at the very least researching a mobile version of their Xbox controllers and Project xCloud. The patent in question is specifically for ” a charging device for one or more input modules for a touch-screen device…”. What makes this filing interesting are the accompanying schematics detailing what the device would look like.

Charger patent with interesting implications

The drawings reveal what appears a new controller design. The device shows two halves of a standard Xbox One controller connecting to a central charging hub. The drawings show the controllers on either side of a small screen similar to that of a modern smartphone. The internet has been fervently sharing the renders of independent designer/visualizer Sarang Sheth who converted the rough schematics into a sharp design. While obviously not commissioned by Microsoft, the renders provide a great representation of what COULD be.

Is cloud gaming the future?

These developments seem to correspond with the direction Phil Spencer has indicated with the companies development of Project xCloud.
It seems like it is inevitable that we will in the very near future be able to access our Xbox Games on our mobile devices. We here at Xbox Enthusiast have pondered for quite some time whether an Xbox mobile console/device could well be the future. This would seem to give validity to this idea.

What are your thoughts? Would you play your Xbox titles on your mobile device with Project xCloud? Let us know in the comments!

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