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Middle Earth: Shadow of War Has Real Currency Micro-Transactions for Gear and Boosts

Middle Earth: Shadow of War will have loot boxes containing various levels of gear and boosts that you can buy with real money. The announcement was made during a developer livestream this weekend while showing off the new customization options available. Not all is lost, however, as every item purchasable with real money will be available through in game play. Pay to win doesn’t apply in this case as there is no multiplayer.

You will be able to buy these items with two forms of currency; Myrian (in game) and Gold (Real money).  Myrian is from the first game, and will be familiar to those who played. There are four types of consumables available for purchase, which are

  1.  Loot Chests – Weapons and Armor with varying levels of rarity. These will have different abilities, but each piece of gear can be earned in game. XP Boosts may also come in some chests.
  2.  War Chests – These will contain Orc followers. This allows you to earn followers without dominating them. Training Orders (XP boost for Orcs) may also be found to help them level up faster.
  3.  XP Boosts – standalone boosts that help Talion level up
  4.  Bundles – Include all three War, Loot chest and XP boosts in one.

In order to gain the Myrian, you’ll need to do some pretty straight forward things. First, you could simply defeat a treasure orc. You may also destroy some of your gear, defeat other enemies for gear which you then destroy as well as find hidden caches of it in game.

Gold, on the other hand, is simply bought through your console’s online store. Even though all these items can be earned through normal gameplay, dominating orcs was a key strategy in Shadow of Mordor. It will continue to be so in Shadow of War, and purchasing them the store whenever you need could lead to a downfall in play.

We’ll have to wait and see how this plays out and what price points come with the real currency purchases. In the meantime, Middle Earth: Shadow of War will release on October 10th, 2017

You can see the stream and the system shown off below.

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