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Modern Warfare DLC parity turned out to be vague

Earlier this month, we reported that Modern Warfare’s major DLC drops would release on all platforms at the same time. This was set to be a change from previous years, as past CoD games had month and week-long exclusivity periods. However, we’ve now found out that an entire mode will be exclusive to PlayStation…for a year.

The news comes from PlayStation’s State of Play conference, which showed some new Modern Warfare footage. Amongst giving us a first glance at the campaign, they briefly showed off spec ops. This co-op mode is returning from MW2 and MW3, and is available on all platforms. However, a survival variant of the mode, similar to Horde or Zombies, will be exclusive to PS4 for almost a year.


This is reminiscent of Destiny. That franchise had multiple pieces of content that were locked away from Xbox and PC users for a year. Whilst CoD‘s previous exclusivity deals contained more content, the week and month long waits were nowhere near as lengthy. By the time this content launches on Xbox and PC, a new Call of Duty game will be releasing.

It’s understood that this is to release core multiplayer content at the same time, for crossplay reasons. However, we’d of liked to have seen something less important have such a long exclusivity period, perhaps cosmetic items. An entire mode for a year is a questionable choice by Activision and PlayStation.

Will you still be buying Modern Warfare on Xbox?

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