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Modern Warfare DLC to release at the same time on all platforms

For the last few years, Call Of Duty‘s major DLC drops have released on PlayStation first. Activision made the switch from Xbox exclusivity in 2015 with Black Ops 3. Since then, map packs and other DLC packs have released up to a month early on PS4, leaving the Xbox community waiting in the wings. The deal has had more of an effect over recent years as DLC has become a huge part of multiplayer gaming. That will now change for Modern Warfare.

Modern Warfare

Last year, the deal got a little better for Xbox users, as Black Ops 4 altered the exclusivity deal to just one week. This meant Xbox and PC players had to wait an extra week for each new operation, rather than a month. However, with Modern Warfare, it seems the early launches are finally over. In a blog post that explains how crossplay will work, Activision announced that post launch maps, modes and spec ops missions will release on all platforms at the same time. It appears that PlayStation will still get some sort of exclusivity, but it’s nice to see that the good stuff is now platform agnostic.

The Modern Warfare beta is coming to Xbox soon, and will give us a chance to test crossplay out. This weekend’s beta period is available on all platforms prior to the game’s release, on October 25.

Will you be jumping into the upcoming beta for Modern Warfare?

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