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Call of Duty Maps you’ll want to see Remastered in Modern Warfare

There are few shooters as recognizable as Call of Duty. 2019’s Modern Warfare reboot of the iconic trilogy that changed first-person shooters will have plenty of the military combat fans have come to love. Expect to see quite a few changes from the original trilogy. The reboot is sure to see plenty of new maps, but why can’t we see some fan favorites? Ever since the original Modern Warfare, Call of Duty maps have mostly striven for the same designs overall. Here are the maps from the original Modern Warfare games we hope to see remastered.


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Rust (Modern Warfare 2)


If you ever played MW2 during its time, there’s a good chance you’ve heard the phrase “1v1 me on Rust.” This map is a small battlefield in a sandstorm that provides more verticality than the other popular small map, Shipment. There is no such thing as a dull match on Rust and would be a perfect map for the new 2v2 Gunfight mode.

Crash (Modern Warfare)


Crash is a classic original Modern Warfare map that features a crashed helicopter in the middle of a small town. Traversing back alleys and buildings build up tension as you repeatedly encounter the enemy.

Estate (Modern Warfare 2)


Modern Warfare 2’s Estate is memorable from its use in the campaign, but the multiplayer map is a lot of fun too. A wooden estate sits in a forested area that leads to a variety of different face-offs. Fighting in the building is close quarters, while the outside acts as an open battlefield in a hill area between trees.

Highrise (Modern Warfare 2)


Arguably the most popular Modern Warfare 2 map, Highrise takes place at the top of a skyscraper. Both sides spawn in opposite offices with a semi-open area in the middle. There are plenty of chances to make use of cover throughout this map.

Pipeline (Modern Warfare)


Pipeline is a decently large map from the original Modern Warfare. Two large warehouses sit perpendicular to each other, both with multiple floors to them. Outside is a series of pipes you can climb on or take to an underground tunnel. The far sides of the map have a large hill great for sniping and another building good for setting up in.

Favela (Modern Warefare 2)


The alleyways of Brazil have tight corners with many outlets to look for enemies. Most of the buildings can be entered, so threats come from above as well. The outer edges of the map feature long shooting lanes on hills and the very bottom of the hills are a deathtrap with so many eyes on the area. Favela is a Modern Warfare 2 map that knew how to nail down the feeling of a tense game.

Dome (Modern Warefare 3)


Our first Modern Warfare 3 map, Dome is the smallest map in the game but still larger than both Rust and Shipment. An office building, bomb shelter, and the “Dome” are the key landmarks of this map. The dome walkway gives you a higher vantage point at the cost of cover. You will have better sights on people in the area, but if they target you, there is nowhere to run. The office area and bomb shelter feature that classic close encounter gameplay Call of Duty always pulls off brilliantly. Dome is one of the definitive maps suited to non-stop action.

Resistance (Modern Warefare 3)


Resistance is an inner-city map with long sights down the sides and an apartment area that leads into a small brawl arena in the middle of its backyard. The iconic piece of this map is the court area at the bottom that has four different ways to reach it. Resistance doesn’t make for too good of an objective-based map, but team deathmatch is loads of fun here.

Terminal (Modern Warfare 2)


Terminal takes place in an airport complete with access to an airliner and the boarding area. While Modern Warfare 2 gained notoriety for its campaign airport mission, the multiplayer mission was a lot of fun regardless of the mode you were playing. The aeroplane is a small area with little breathing room while you step outside to a wipe open runway connected to an entranceway that moves up a level along its escalator. Past that hallway are the metal detectors and baggage check areas that have long hallways with open sights down them. Terminal is filled with so many different viable options to be successful in your matches, and many fans of the original would love to see a remaster in the reboot.

Hardhat (Modern Warfare 3)


Hardhat is a Modern Warfare 3 map in the middle of a construction zone. The entire area takes place on different elevations with the fact that everything is settled on uneven ground. The middle of the map features a pipe great for picking off anyone foolish enough to run in without looking. The branching paths from there take you to the outer edges of the map that will feature plenty of cover and flanks to take advantage of the enemy. Hardhat is one of the more underrated maps in Call of Duty history because it is a ton of fun to play on.

Downpour (Modern Warfare)


Downpour, as you might imagine, takes place during a storm. It is located on farmland with access to greenhouses, a shed, and the owner’s house. Everything here is mid-range territory with plenty of cover areas for you to play as carefully or reckless as you desire. This original Modern Warfare map featured plenty of fun matches with running for cover from attack helicopters.

Mission (Modern Warfare 3)


Mission is based in an African village that’s been torn to pieces. It’s a medium-sized Modern Warfare 3 map that features both an area dug deep into the ground and a raised area with tighter building layout. There is no shortage of sniping vantage points in Mission but it supports multiple methods of gameplay. The elevation differences make sure that players are constantly moving to pursue that tactical advantage.


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