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NBA 2K18 Trailer Shows Incredibly Realistic Player Detail

Visual Concepts, the team behind the art design at NBA 2K18, have released a new trailer showing just how realistic the game has become. Thousands of hours have gone into the art of the game, including completely rebuilding players’ faces and body types.

In fact, the changes are so detailed that you can even see precise marks on player’s tattoos and stretch marks from surgery. Anyone who wants to see themselves in the game can simply hop over to MyPlayer and scan your own face in. Once complete, you will be able to take advantage of every customization option the game has. This means if you want to see yourself at 6’8” even though you are 5’9”, then go right ahead.

There will also be a demo for the game released a little over a week before it releases. It will be called The Prelude and will see your created player make his way through college and join and NBA team. Since it is a demo and not a beta, any of the progression you make will carry over to the full game if purchased. If you plan on picking up the game, you might as well try out the demo anyway as it will help you get that head start on everyon else. You can pick up The Prelude demo beginning on September 8th, and NBA 2K18 the full game will release on the 19th, 11 days later. Remember, you will get early access on the 13th of September if you pre-order one of the special editions as well.

The demo will be available on Xbox One and PS4, but the full game will also appear on PC. Take a look at the new trailer below. 

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