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New characters and more come to Gears 5

Just over a month after launch, a selection of new multiplayer characters have joined the Gears 5 roster. Two COG heroes and two Swarm villains are in, earnable via a selection of challenges or available to directly buy. A new Terminator pack has also been introduced, and is only available as a real money purchase.

The two COG heroes are the COG Gear character and the DeeBee to use in multiplayer. The two villains are the formidable mace-yielding Warden character from the campaign, and the infamous General RAAM. All of these can be earned in-game, with each having a specific set of challenges. The challenges are only slightly different, and all require you to craft that character’s totem, and play a bunch of modes with it equipped. Each character costs 500 Iron ($5 US/£4.25 UK) to buy straight-up.


Whilst earnable characters is a step in the right direction, a more flexible system would be ideal. So far, each character requires time spent in each mode. On top of that, there are some quite specific challenges. Unlocks tied to ranks or playtime seems a more fair method, as you can then play however you wish. Either way, expect to have to venture out to other modes to earn the new characters.

The new Terminator pack consists of two “legendary” characters; Grace and REV 9. This pack costs a whopping £16.50 UK or about $20 US. It does also include some smaller items, like banners and bloodsprays, but these characters are only skins, so they have no unique abilities for Horde and Arcade. This pack forgoes the Iron currency and only displays local currency, likely due to there being no way to earn these in-game.

A curbstomp execution is also back in Gears 5, included in this update as a free option. Variants of the execution are also coming in the future, with one being available right now to purchase in the store. The specifics of the character challenges are available in-game, in the customization and store menu tabs.

Will you be trying out these new Gears 5 characters?


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