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New details and Gameplay trailer for Borderlands 3


Gearbox Software came out swinging yesterday with their gameplay reveal event for Borderlands 3. The highly anticipated return of the original looter-shooter franchise was finally officially announced back at the end of March. Last night’s event, though, gave us our first proper look at gameplay for Borderlands 3.

In a refreshing change, it looks just like previous Borderlands titles with some nice improvements. It’s not going to be a ‘live service’ title. Instead, it will be like the other games in the series in that you can play it offline or online, singleplayer or in co-op. There aren’t going to be any predatory loot boxes that get you to spend real-world money to open them. No, instead, there will be boxes of loot in the game that if you find, you can open (take notice EA).

What changes there are, seem obvious and make you wonder why they weren’t already included. You can now slide as well as mantle up edges. You can restock all ammo at a vending machine with just one button press rather than having to go through all ammo types individually. Many weapons now have an alternate fire mode allowing you to cause even more mayhem. Each character starts with three action skills rather than just one and you are able to add elemental effects to some actions to make them even more powerful.

Another change from previous Borderlands titles is that the action will not just take place on one world. While they have yet to announce how many planets will be on offer we do know that you will be travelling between them on Sanctuary 3. This spaceship works as a sort of hubworld with some areas that will be familiar to fans of the series. You won’t be able to manually pilot Sanctuary 3 but you can choose where it goes.

Anyway, enough talk you can check out the latest trailer for the game down below –

Are you excited for more Borderlands action? What new features are you most excited about and what would you still like to see added? Why not share your thoughts in the comments below –

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